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FIFA 17 FUTTIES – All Information

9. July 2017
von Tim Lenzmeier

The FUTTIES have been around since FIFA 15. The event usually lasts for 6 weeks and considered a major event just like The Oscars for FUT. The community has chosen some special cards and the event duration is from July 7th to August 18th.


The FUTTIES Voting Process

The FUTTIES can be chosen from the EA website during previous years. With FIFA 17, the whole process has been changed.

EA publishes a new category and 3 SBCs every 3 days.

  • 3 different SBCs can be built per category
  • Once the FUTTIES nomination has been completed, you can now vote for the SBC player. You will also get a pink card form the player, but without any value upgrade.
  • The player having the most completed SBC nominations will win each category. The winner will be then be published as the new SBC winner. Once the winner has been announced, the card will get boosted values.

Here are the schedules of when the nomination SBCs are published and activated:

  • July 7 (Friday) – July 10 (Monday)
  • July 11 (Tuesday) – July 14 (Friday)
  • July 14 (Friday) – July 17 (Monday)
  • 18th of July (Tuesday) – 21st of July (Friday)
  • July 21 (Friday) – July 24 (Monday)
  • July 25th (Tuesday) – July 28th (Friday)
  • July 28 (Friday) – July 31 (Monday)
  • 1st of August (Tuesday) – 4th of August (Friday)
  • 4th of August (Friday) – 7th of August (Monday)
  • August 8 (Tuesday) – August 11 (Friday)


The winning SBC will start on these dates:

  • 10th of July (Monday)
  • July 14th (Friday)
  • 17th of July (Monday)
  • July 21st (Friday)
  • July 24th (Monday)
  • July 28th (Friday)
  • July 31st (Monday)
  • 4th of August (Friday)
  • 7th of August (Monday)
  • August 11th (Friday

What Do FUTTIE Cards Look Like?

On the right, you can see a FUTTIES nomination card.
On the left, you can see a FUTTIES winner card.

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