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25. December 2017
von Alexander Wulff

Every FIFA Ultimate Team fan loves to draw sets, but is worth opening sets at all? Click on the link below where it explains if it’s worth to open packs and which is the best pack to pull.


Of course, you need to pay for your packs, but you also have to ask yourself if you want to open these sets. Is it for fun or for profit? If you’re going for profit, the bronze sets are highly recommended and are available at the shop for 400 coins. Going for this route may not be as fun and thrilling.

If you decide to open gold sets using your coins, in most cases, it will be just a waste of your collected coins. You will only get the 100% coins bonus if you use your FIFA points in opening gold sets, but be aware that it can only be acquired if you pay using real money. So make sure that you’re investing carefully and worth your money if you decide to purchase packs.

On the other hand, if you open packs just for the fun of it and not make a profit, it’s all fine.


The sets that attract the most valuable players are the monthly rewards of the FUT Champions. The sets are interchangeable thus, you cannot sell them. Below is an overview of the monthly rewards:

Monthly Rewards

  • Bronze 3 = 1 silver IF in red
  • Bronze 2 = 2 silver IFs in red
  • Bronze 1 = 3 silver IFs in red
  • Silver 3 = 2 IFs in red (max 80 GES)
  • Silver 2 = 3 IFs in red (max 80 GES)
  • Silver 1 = 3 IFs in red (2 max 80 GES, 1 81+)
  • Gold 3 = 3 IFs in red (3 81+)
  • Gold 2 = 4 IFs in red (4 81+)
  • Gold 1 = 5 IFs in red (5 81+)
  • Elite 3 = 12 IFs in red (12 81+)
  • Elite 2 = 15 IFs in red (15 81+)
  • Elite 1 = 20 IFs in red (20 81+)
  • Place 100-1 = 44 IFs in red (44 81+) + one icon

The Weekly Rewards

The weekly rewards are different because the sets you receive every Thursday can be exchanged. This means that you can sell players. The weekly rewards can be seen on the link below:


Packs Paid By Most Coins Per Gold Player

The table shows how many coins you need to spend on average for every rare gold player.

PackMünzenMünzen pro Seltener Goldspieler
Seltene Spieler Pack50.000ca 4.200
Jumbo Seltene Spieler Pack 100.000ca 4.200
Ultimatives Pack125.000ca 4.200
Seltene Mega Pack55.000ca 5.000
Mega Pack35.000ca 5.250
Seltene Gold Pack25.000ca 6.250
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack15.000ca 6.850
Prime Gold Spieler Pack45.000ca 9.000
Premium 13 Gold Pack7.500ca 9.000
Premium Gold Spieler Pack7.500ca 10.000
Liga Prime Spieler Pack55.000ca 11.000
Premium Gold Pack7.500ca 12.000
Liga Premium Spieler Pack30.000ca 12.000
Gold Spieler Pack12.500ca 15.000
Gold 13 Pack 5.000ca 17.800
Gold Pack5.000 ca 23.800


A few sets can be purchased in the shop, but be aware the chances of pulling something valuable out of these sets are very low. Below is the list of sets:

Sets MünzenSpielerObjekte/Spieler
Bronze Pack400Ja12 davon 1 selten
Premium Bronze Pack750Ja12 davon 3 selten
Silber Pack2.500Ja12 davon 1 selten
Premium Silber Pack3.750Ja12 davon 3 selten
Gold Pack5.000Ja12 davon 1 selten
Premium Gold Pack7.500Ja12 davon 3 selten


Most of the sets in the list below are only released on special events or special occasions (e.g., Black Friday, FUTmas, …). Check out the sets in the list:

SetsMünzen SpielerObjekte/Spieler
Gold 13 Pack5.000Ja13 davon 1 selten
Gold Spieler Pack12.500Ja12 davon 1 selten
Gold Upgrade Pack30.000Ja12 davon 0 selten
Gold Vertrag Pack800Nein4 davon 0 selten
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack1.500Ja24 davon 7 selten
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack15.000Ja24 davon 7 selten
Jumbo Premium Gold Spieler Pack-Ja24 davon 7 selten
Jumbo Premium Silber Pack7.500Ja24 davon 7 selten
Jumbo Rare Players Pack100.000Ja24 davon 24 selten
Liga Premium Spieler Pack30.000Ja12 davon 3 selten
Liga Prime Spieler Pack55.000Ja12 davon 6 selten
Mega Pack35.000Ja30 davon 18 selten
Prem. Bronze Spieler Pack 1.800Ja12 davon 3 selten
Prem. Silber Spieler Pack 7.000Ja12 davon 3 selten
Premium 13 Gold Pack 7.500Ja13 davon 3 selten
Premium Gold Spieler Pack 25.000Ja12 davon 3 selten
Prime Gold Spieler Pack 45.000Ja12 davon 6 selten
Seltene Gold Pack 25.000Ja12 davon 12 selten
Seltene Mega Pack 55.000Ja30 davon 30 selten
Seltene Spieler Pack 50.000Ja12 davon 12 selten
Seltene Verbrauchsgegenstände Pack 20.000Ja12 davon 12 selten
Silber Spieler Pack 5.000Ja12 davon 1 selten
Silber Upgrade Pack 15.000Ja12 davon 0 selten
Ultimatives Pack 125.000Ja30 davon 30 selten
Verbrauchsgegenstände Pack 3.000 Nein12 davon 1 selten

Unpurchasable Sets

These sets cannot be bought or purchased, you can only get them as rewards (for example through FUT-Draft).

Ultimatives Champions Pack Ja44 davon 44 selten
Premium Champions Pack Ja11 davon 11 selten
Ultimatives TOTW Pack Ja11 davon 11 selten
Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack Ja26 davon 7 selten
Leihspieler Legenden PackJa4 davon 4 selten
Ultimatives Leihspieler Pack Ja4 davon 4 selten
Jumbo Bronze Pack Ja24 davon 3 selten
Jumbo Gold Pack Ja24 davon 3 selten
Jumbo Silber Pack Ja24 davon 3 selten
Gold Champions Pack Ja3 davon 3 selten
Premium TOTW Pack Ja3 davon 3 selten
Zwei Seltene Goldspieler Pack Ja2 davon 2 selten
All Players Pack Ja12 davon 1 selten
Legends Shot Pack Ja8 davon 1 selten
Draft Token Pack Nein5 davon 1 selten
Leihspieler Messi Pack Ja4 davon 1 selten
Leihspieler Pack Ja4 davon 1 selten
Premium Leihspieler Pack Ja4 davon 1 selten
Bronze Champions Pack Ja1 davon 1 selten
Silber Champions Pack Ja1 davon 1 selten
Starter-Set Ja34 davon 0 selten
Bronze Geschenk Pack Ja34 davon 0 selten
Bronze Vertrag Pack Nein34 davon 0 selten
Gold Geschenk Pack Ja34 davon 0 selten
Silber Geschenk Pack Ja34 davon 0 selten
Silber Vertrag Pack Nein1 davon 0 selten
Münzen Pack Nein0 davon 0 selten
Premium Münzen Pack Nein0 davon 0 selten
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