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FIFA Points – Purchase Advice and More Information

12. March 2016
von Tim Lenzmeier

If you’re in the Ultimate team mode, your goal is to have the best players and earn as many coins as possible. To do that, you have to play games constantly to earn coins and buy players to build your dream team. If you want to build your team faster, you can purchase FIFA points to purchase more packs.

Where Can You buy FIFA Points?

There are two options to buy FIFA points.

  1. Buy coins directly in the PSN store
  2. Buy coins from 3rd party providers like MMOGA

Below are the links for the following platforms:

The table below shows the price and the equivalent FIFA points that can be bought. Kindly check the table below.

Price FIFA Points 7.5k Packs
99,99 12.000 80
39,99 4.600 31
19,99 2.200 15
6,99 750 5
4,99 500 3
2,49 250 1
0,99 100 0

Click on the link to check FIFA coins without opening any packs: Buy FIFA Coins – Where and How?

Most Packs Doesn’t Bring In Points

Opening packs with coins is not a wise investment because the probability of getting something or someone very valuable is very low. For example, if you invest FIFA points that’s worth 200k, return investment will just be 30k to 40k. Plus the probability of winning Ronaldo TOTY is less than winning the lottery.

pack luck

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